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The home of Walking Tennis - the fully inclusive game for all ages

About Us

Walking Tennis was born from humble surroundings in Bristol, England in May 2018 by retired Physiotherapist and LTA Open Court Lead for Avon County, Helen Abbot. Helen along with Active Aging ran a programme of Walking Tennis during its month long WalkFest. Following WalkFest there was sufficient interest by participants to continue running a regular class at Bristol Universities Sports Facilities. By running the classes herself, Helen saw the benefits that Walking Tennis had to offer, but at the same time realised that she needed some help.

In January 2019 Helen enlisted the help of Peter Coniglio; a Tennis Coach, Clinical Therapist and Personal Trainer. Peter also saw the potential in this form of tennis. However, he had reservations as to the format and the rules. During the month of January Peter experimented with a number of different rules and formats before settling on the format that you have today. The new revised format was launched in May 2019 at WalkFest again and the response was amazing with almost one hundred players giving it a try.

Walking Tennis has not stopped growing ever since with clubs, coaches and players all wanting to try this new exciting and inclusive form of the game. To manage the level of interest the Walking Tennis Association was formed and enlisted the help of Rachel Wheeler. Having worked within the world of Walking Tennis for almost two years now and, having seen first-hand the pleasure and changes it has brought to so many people, we are passionate about making Walking Tennis a recognised way of playing the game. We do hope you can join us along our journey.