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Welcome to Walking Tennis

At its heart, Walking Tennis is about community. It’s about the opportunity for people to get together and feel included around an activity. As a Tennis Club or Tennis Venue you have a fantastic opportunity to help change lives within your community as well as develop an inclusive ethos within your venue.



Walking Tennis offers an ideal opportunity to grow your club and participation.


Walking Tennis offers a great opportunity to increase your membership by broadening the appeal of tennis to a much wider audience.


Most Walking Tennis sessions run during the daytime. 


Many Walking Tennis players are retired, and many are looking for a bit more purpose in their lives. This can provide a rich seem of volunteers for your club or venue.


Walking Tennis provides lots of opportunity for community-based feel good stories. This can prove to be a great way of publicising your venue and its activities.

Our Story Henleaze Tennis Club

Henleaze Tennis Club first heard about Walking Tennis at a Bristol Tennis Clubs network meeting in the summer of 2019. The membership secretary attended a session run by Peter Coniglio at Coombe Dingle and recognised that this programme could be of interest to members and former members of Henleaze and especially to those who had been forced to discontinue membership because of injury.

The programme runs in the morning as this is the most popular time for those interested and at Henleaze this needed to be on a Wednesday as the other weekday mornings were already busy with daytime club sessions. Peter agreed to run the coached sessions at 9.15 for one hour and assisted in the production of 1000 leaflets which the club distributed through members and friends. These were put in libraries, doctors surgeries, physiotherapist clinics and on other local notice boards.

By the end of September the group had grown to a regular size of 8-10 and players were asking to be allowed to play for longer so we created a new trial Walking Tennis Membership at £15 for 6 months which entitles the members to play on Wednesday mornings after the coached session. Within the month the club had 10 new members!

This has been a real success for the club. Walking Tennis adds considerably to our ‘offer’. We are proud now to have a programme that enables those who have had injuries or operations to take a slow approach to returning to the full game. Amongst the Walking Tennis members there are some who we expect to gain in confidence and begin to think about playing the full game. Similarly, in the regular club there are those who, like me, are delighted to see that we won’t have to hang up our racquets as early as we previously expected. I now expect to play into my 90s!

Walking Tennis is a great version of the game and has been a very positive addition to the programme at Henleaze Tennis club.

What Clubs & Venues Are Saying About Walking Tennis

Love this programme lots of benefits to our community benefits.

Knowle Tennis Club

Bristol, UK

Wonderful response…everyones really enthusiastic.

St Georges Park

Bristol, UK

Great really popular class.

Bristol University

Bristol, UK

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