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Welcome to Walking Tennis

Walking Tennis is a fun and exciting new way of playing the game of tennis. If you’ve never played before, if you’ve had to give up regular tennis due to injury or ill health, or if you can’t manage the regular way of playing tennis anymore; walking tennis offers an ideal opportunity to learn new skills, improve your fitness and make new friends.


Benefits of Walking Tennis

Walking Tennis offers a wide range of benefits both physical and mental.


Playing Walking Tennis will help improve and maintain all-over strength.


Playing Walking Tennis will help improve and maintain joint mobility and flexibility.


Playing Walking Tennis will help improve you sense of wellbeing.


Playing Walking Tennis will help improve brain function.

Susan’s Story

‘I was made redundant and it hit me pretty hard. I was at retirement age but wasn’t on planning on stopping work. It was a difficult time and I had a void to fill so I wanted to try to get fit. I’d always been quite sporty but didn’t feel ready for full games of Tennis and that’s when I found Walking Tennis and it was ideal for me.

I was a bit nervous about going to my first session but it was great. I’ve met so many people and socially it’s just been fantastic- it’s so much more than just tennis.

I don’t sit down at home wondering what to do anymore and I’ve made some great friends through it. I’ve got a lot more confidence to join in with any group.‘

What Players Are Saying About Walking Tennis

I find this seemingly gentle game of tennis to be both fun and sociable. I enjoy
learning the tennis skills. I’ve noticed an improvement in my level of fitness
and have become surprisingly more agile.


Bristol, UK

It’s a great workout. It’s outdoors. It makes you feel great. You can learn from scratch. No previous experience required. Fantastic coaching.


Brisol, UK

It is so good to be able to hit a ball- I love all the exercises – I have learnt so


Bristol, UK